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The Katydid Wood Stove - NEW!

Part Number KS-KATYDID-1
The Katydid Wood Stove - NEW!
The Katydid Wood Stove
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The Katydid Wood Stove

by Unforgettable Fire, LLC


TAKING PRE-ORDERS NOW for a limited production run. Orders will be filled according to the date the pre-order payment is received. Shipments are expected to be released in early October.

Reserve yours today!


READ THE YAHOO FINANCE ARTICLE about the latest testing on Katydid, which makes her the most efficient wood burning wood stove on the planet!

Katydid Wood StoveThe Katydid Wood Stove is the latest in a series of small wood stoves by Unforgettable Fire that are designed to be super-efficient, super eco-friendly, and super powerful! Just released in September of 2013, the Katydid incorporates many of the same features that we love about the Kimberly Wood Stove: a dual combustion chamber, a high efficiency rating, and an easy to install design. But, while the Kimberly was designed for smaller homes, RVs, boats, yurts and other small spaces of up to 1,500 square feet, the Katydid Wood Stove is designed for those with larger living spaces. The Katydid wood stove can produce up to 85,000 BTU for a mainstream sized home, heating up to 3,000 square feet of well insulated space.

Improvements on the design also make the Katydid Wood Stove one of the only small wood stoves on the market now that operate as a closed air system, keeping critters (and cold air) out. The Katydid is also a bigger stove, making it possible to throw in FIVE TIMES the firewood, for even longer burn times than the Kimberly.

Manufactured in southern Oregon from American-made black steel, measuring 12 x 12 x 38 inches, and weighing about 150 pounds, the Katydid gasifier wood stove meets (or beats!) the efficiency of her sister stove, Kimberly in EPA/CSA testing so far.

The Katydid Stove is offered with a choice of bases, including pedestal, legs, or fire box, as shown. Please specify your preference when you order.


  • American made precision cut black steel, manufactured in Oregon
  • Black powder coat finish with stainless trim
  • Height 28" 12 w 12 d.
  • Weighs 150 lbs.
  • Heat output 85,000.00 BTU per hour or better
  • Will heat up to 3,000 square feet of well insulated living space
  • Burn time of 12 hours (two logs, coal bed to coal bed)
  • Can burn logs up to 14 inches long
  • Single air control
  • Vents with 4-inch double-wall pellet stove pipe and Class A pass through
  • Convective blower (12 volt) (available at extra cost in the future)
  • Outside air intake can be turned so it draws from outside wall (for cement pad foundation) or down through floor
  • Sealed outside air intake keeping bugs, rodents, and cold air out of room when not in use (only stove on market with this feature)
  • You choice of 3 bases (wood box, legs, pedestal)
  • Estimate that EPA certification & UL-List testing will be done by January 1, 2014 (US and Canadian mobile home certified when testing is complete)
  • Construction is black steel body, stainless secondary combustion chamber, tertiary fire zone in top of stove.
  • Accessories that will become available for the Katydid include: 1. 12V Blower; 2. a baking oven, 3. thermo-electric generator, and 4. a hot water coil unit (for radiant floor heat, in development).


The Katydid Wood Stove's fire box has 5 times the volume, a large glass door, ash pan system, and a shaker grate for easy cleaning. Unforgettable Fire, LLC has also incorporated vermiculite panels inside the firebox for awesome performance and protecting the combustion chamber walls for long life.  There is a sealed outside air intake so no room air can be burned and cold air will not infiltrate the home when stove is not in use.  EPA Certification of the Katydid is expected to be complete by January 1, 2014.

Liquid Cooled Thermo Electric GeneratorNOW AVAILABLE: The thermo-electric generator (TEG) for the Katydid wood stove is now available for purchase. Add a liquid cooled generator that sits INSIDE the Katydid, and works to produce instant electricity for you through heat generation! This generator produces 50 watts of power (the same as many solar panels!). 

50 Watts / 2.74 Amps / 14.7 Volts

Air Cooled Thermo Electric GeneratorOr, choose the air cooled TEG, which sits on top of the Katydid and produces 20 Watss of instant back up power for your cell phone, laptop or air blower.

20 Watts / 2.74 Amps / 14.7 Volts


Katydid Wood Cook Stove OvenUnforgettable Fire is testing a new oven for use with the Katydid Wood Stove right now, and a special model version of the Cobb Grill and Oven will be available to our customers in short duty. Call us to get details and how you can add one to your order in advance of the production run on these!

The top is a very functional cook top and like Kimberly, the oven attachment will be the same unit with a different bottom. Katydid can have the air cooled TEG unit or the new water cooled unit attached to the rear of the stove. There is room for water coils inside each stove, and the manufacturer is hoping to create a waste heat collector for domestic hot water which can work with a stagnant system. The internal coils are only for continuous movement water systems.

Unforgettable Fire LLC specializes in providing high-efficiency, offgrid wood stoves: RV Wood Stoves * Small Wood Stoves * Small, Efficient  Portable * EPA Certified * Boat Stoves * EPA Stoves * Offgrid Stoves for Yurts, Motorhomes, Campers, Hunting cabins, and more! 

The Kimberly Stove EPA Certified Small Wood Stove The Kimberly Stove EPA Certified Small Wood Stove


Buy a Katydid or Kimberly Wood Stove and receive your choice of either a GO BERKEY Water Filter Kit for FREE or a Cobb Grill for only $50
(USA customers only. Cannot be combined with other discounts or special offers.)
Go Berkey Kit

Wood Cook Stove Grill Oven