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Katydid Wood Stove | High Efficiency Small Wood Stove

Part Number KS-KATYDID-1
Katydid Wood Stove | High Efficiency Small Wood Stove
Katydid Wood Stove
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Katydid Wood Stove

Small Wood Stoves Super Hero!

EPA Certified

Made in the USA by Unforgettable Fire, LLC

The Katydid Wood Stove is the most recent addition to the Unforgettable Fire line of efficient small wood stoves. 

Engineered to be highly efficient, super earth friendly, and still super powerful! The Katydid Wood Stove has many of the same great characteristics that we love about the Kimberly Wood Stove: a wood gasifier combustion chamber, a low emissions rating, and an easy to install small wood stove design with a tiny footprint.

Our Most Efficient Small Wood Stove

  • Federal EPA Standard:  7.5 grams per hour
  • Washington State Standard: 4.5 grams per hour
  • Kimberly Wood Stove: 3.2 grams per hour
  • Katydid Wood Stove: 1.9 grams per hour
Recent EPA testing puts our Katydid in the top 4% for efficiency when compared to other non-catalytic small wood stove models!

But, while the Kimberly was designed for a tiny house, RV, boat, yurt or other small spaces, the Katydid Stove is designed for those with larger living spaces. Katydid can heat up to 2,500 square feet of space with adequate insulation, without taking up a quarter of your living room! You essentially get the small wood stove footprint without sacrificing heat output.

Improvements on the design also make the Katydid Wood Stove one of the only small wood stoves on the market now that operate as a closed air intake system, keeping critters (and cold air) out.

The Katydid Stove is also a bigger stove, making it possible to throw in FIVE TIMES the firewood, for even longer burn times than the Kimberly Wood Stove.

Katydid Wood Stove: An Earth Friendly Powerhouse

Manufactured in southern Oregon from American-made black steel, measuring 12 x 12 x 38 inches, and weighing about 150 pounds, the Katydid Wood Stove, is a wood gasifier that beats the efficiency of her sister stove, Kimberly Stove, in EPA certification testing with an emissions output of only 1.9 grams per hour.

The Katydid Stove's total cost, including installation, is equivalent to other's small wood stoves that cost $2,000.


Total price of the Katydid Wood Stove, including average installation

  • 1 story house: $4,500
  • 2 story house: $5,000

The Katydid Wood Stove's fire box has 5 times the volume, a large glass door, ash pan system, and a shaker grate for easy cleaning.

The manufacturer has also incorporated vermiculite panels inside the firebox for outstanding performance that also protects the combustion chamber walls for long product life. There is a sealed outside air intake so no room air can be burned and cold air will not infiltrate the home when stove is not in use.

Learn More About the Katydid Stove

Katydiid Wood Stove Features

The Devil Watt Wood Stove Generator

The Cobb Premier Wood Cook Stove

Read the Owner's Manual

EPA Certification

EPA testing and certification are now complete and we are waiting on the EPA certification labels. 

Your Small Wood Stoves Solution!

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Questions and Answers
Q: The Katydid stove, on paper, seems like it should heat my home better than my current stove. How could it be that this stove with a 0.5cu. ft. firebox could put out more heat than my Pacific Energy Super 27 with a 2 cu.ft. fire box? Or, would it need to be 2-4 times as often to keep up? See, I go all night on a load with the air turned all the way down and the temperature typically drops about 10 degrees in my house by morning. How much heat would the Katydid put out when set to burn for 8-10 hours?
Asked by: Brandon - 11/12/2014 (Submit an answer)
A: I looked up your stove model, and it looks to me like it will burn at about 72,000 BTUs max, and 34,600 BTUS by EPA standards. The Katydid is about the same, a bit less (by EPA standards about 25,000 BTUs). However, BTU ratings are deceiving firstly, because the kind of wood you burn and how hot you burn the stove will dramatically affect how much heat you get off of it. What Katydid has going for her is the tertiary burn of the secondary gases, which means you burn the same fuel twice essentially and get twice the burn time and heat from the same amount of wood. I do not see that your model has this feature, which is probably why performance is similar even with a larger firebox.
Was this answer helpful?    22 of 24 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Jo Hannah (11/12/2014)
Q: looking at the katydid wood stove for 2 story, you show a price for the stove and instillation for a 2 story house, do you do the installation?
Asked by: Rebecca - 3/4/2015 (Submit an answer)
A: The price for installation shown in the site is for materials only, and does not include labor costs. You can either install yourself, or hire an installer, and we will work with your installer at no additional cost, over the phone.
Was this answer helpful?    3 of 3 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Jo Hannah Afton (3/4/2015)
Q: Would this suit an area of 77 Square meters and can you ship to South Africa?
Asked by: Rowan Wilkinson - 4/24/2015 (Submit an answer)
A: If my calculations are correct, 77 square meters is roughly 829 square feet, and the Katydid will heat up to 2500 well insulated square feet, so yes it will heat that area. We do ship internationally, so to find the total cost to ship to South Africa, please add the stove to the cart, and then click on the "Outside the US" button. This will take you to a shipping calculator on the Bongo International website, where you can enter in your exact shipping address and get a quote for shipping, taxes, customs fees, and currency conversion.
Was this answer helpful?    2 of 2 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Jo Hannah Afton (4/24/2015)
Kimberly Wood Stove | Small Wood Stoves for Tiny Spaces Kimberly Wood Stove | Small Wood Stoves for Tiny Spaces
Katydid Wood Stove | High Efficiency Small Wood Stove Katydid Wood Stove | High Efficiency Small Wood Stove
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