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Stone House Small Wood Stoves is an Authorized Dealer for Unforgettable Fire, makers of the Kimberly & Katydid small wood burning stoves. 

EPA Certified.

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Kimberly Wood Stove | Katydid Wood Stove

Small Wood Stoves for Tiny Spaces

Kimberly Stove

Kimberly Stove

Best Choice for your RV, Tiny House, Cabin, or Boat

A Leader in Mini Wood Stoves

Our Kimberly Wood Stove (EPA & CSA certified), our smallest wood stove, is uniquely designed to have a modern, contemporary look, a tiny footprint, and a highly efficient internal gasifier, making Kimberly Wood Stove a stand out in the small wood stoves market for customers looking to heat a small space.

Small Wood Stoves for a Mobile Society

The tiny wood stove designs, like the Kimberly Stove, are quickly becoming more popular as innovation and design meet to satisfy the demands of a more mobile society. Tiny stoves, like the Kimberly Wood Stove, are the perfect solution for tiny spaces, and our Kimberly Stove looks beautiful in any environment.

Install your new Kimberly Stove in your tiny house, RV, boat, mobile home, yurt, camper or off-grid cabin and stay warm all winter long.

Katydid Stove

Katydid Stove

Our Most Efficient Small Wood Stove

Our Katydid Wood Stove is one of the most efficient wood burning stoves on the PLANET! 

The new Katydid Wood Stove is a sturdy small wood stove that packs a punch! Still small by comparison to other stoves, and designed for small spaces, but taller and almost twice as powerful, our Katydid Wood Stove takes the efficient, small wood stove design into SUPER HERO status. 

Katydid Stove is Super Efficient

Katydid Wood Stove has a high efficiency rating: 1.9 grams per hour, exceeding the new 2015 standards for all EPA wood stoves. A slightly larger design makes the Katydid Stove an ideal solution for folks with moderate sized living space (up to 2,500 sq ft). Katydid's larger firebox will accommodate bigger logs (5 x's the space!), which means longer overall burn times and less firewood splitting time. The new Katydid Stove is the best solution for homes that require more heat, but need a tiny wood stove footprint to address a small living area installation.

A Tiny Wood Stove Is The Most Affordable Heating Solution

If the price gives you sticker shock, consider your total cost to purchase, install, maintain and then fuel your home heating system. A closer look will show you that the Kimberly Wood Stove and the Katydid Wood Stove are your most affordable long term home heating choices. 

Read a full home heating comparison HERE.

Total price of either a Katydid Wood Stove or a Kimberly Wood Stove, including average installation

  • 1 story house: $4,500
  • 2 story house: $5,000

Both Katydid Stove and Kimberly Stove are EPA Certified

The high efficiency rating of EPA wood stoves solve two important issues: access to affordable, clean, renewable energy, and a heating solution that's easy on the planet. A fragile power grid, an increase in natural disasters, and economic hardship all factor into the shift that is making the tiny house movement and the tiny wood stove market explode. 

The Kimberly Wood Stove and now, the new Katydid Wood Stove, don't just serve these purposes, they perfect them.

Kimberly Wood Stove | Katydid Wood Stove

Your Small Wood Stoves Solution!

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Katydid Stove | EPA Certified | Small Wood Stoves
Katydid Stove | EPA Certified | Small Wood Stoves
Your Price: $3,995.00
Kimberly Stove | EPA Certified | Small Wood Stoves
Kimberly Stove | EPA Certified | Small Wood Stoves
Your Price: $3,995.00

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Kimberly Stove | EPA Certified | Small Wood Stoves Kimberly Stove | EPA Certified | Small Wood Stoves
Katydid Stove | EPA Certified | Small Wood Stoves Katydid Stove | EPA Certified | Small Wood Stoves

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