Kimberly EPA Wood Stove
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Into The Wilderness

KIMBERLY is the answer!
If you are looking for ...

A small wood stove
An RV Wood Stove
A Boat Wood Stove
A heater for your offgrid cabin

Then, you've found the PERFECT solution!
Kimberly and Katydid EPA Wood Stoves

The Kimberly Stove

EPA Certified Small Wood Stove with optional thermo electric generator!

The Kimberly free standing, solid fuel burning stove combines distinctive, sleek stainless steel with traditionally-inspired aesthetics creating a high-tech heating solution for your small space. These highly efficient stoves were originally designed to make a cold, wet boat cabin warm and cozy, but the popularity of this tiny innovative stove has shown it be the right solution for any small space, whether an RV, cabin, houseboat or Mongolian yurt! Small wood stoves are quickly becoming more and more popular as innovation and design meet to satisfy the demands of a more mobile society. Tiny wood stoves are the perfect solution for tight spaces, and the Kimberly looks great in any environment. Install your new Kimberly in your RV, Boat, Yurt, or Offgrid Cabin and stay warm all winter long. 


It heats. It Cooks. It charges your laptop (or air blower!)

This new American made small space wood fired cook stove is designed to be an off grid energy source for small appliances as well as a wood stove.  Now this stove also has the ability to produce electricity utilizing thermo electric generators to produce enough power to charge cell phones, operate lap tops, and lighting as well as keep a bank of batteries trickle charged much like a solar panel system does. 

COMING SOON: A hot water heater powered by the Kimberly!

The true off grid living experience can also include hot water provided by a set of stainless steel water coils added to the underside of the cook top. Another impressive feature is that all of the add-on items are truly add on. There is no need to buy a new Kimberly, just add the features one wants to your existing Kimberly, including a stove top oven.

*NEW* The Katydid Stove: Soon to be EPA Certified


READ THE YAHOO FINANCE ARTICLE about the latest testing on Katydid, which blows away the competition!

The new Katydid Wood Stove is the latest innovation from Unforgettable Fire, and this baby packs a punch! Still compact and designed for smaller spaces, but taller and almost twice as powerful, the Katydid takes the eco-friendly small wood stove into SUPER HERO status. Super efficient (88%) and affordable, with more room inside for bigger logs, and a closed air intake system that keeps smoke and critters from creeping into your home. 

While the Kimberly was designed for smaller homes, RVs, boats, yurts and other small spaces of up to 1,500 square feet, the Katydid is designed for those with larger living spaces. The Katydid wood stove can produce up to 85,000 BTU for a mainstream sized home, heating up to 3,000 square feet of well insulated space. The Katydid is also a bigger stove, making it possible to throw in FIVE TIMES the firewood, for even longer burn times than the Kimberly.

Accessories that will become available for the Kimberly will also be available for the Katydid, including the thermo electric generator, hot water heating coils, and more. EPA testing and certification are expected to be complete by January 1, 2014.

Featured Products
The Katydid Wood Stove - NEW!
The Katydid Wood Stove - NEW!
Your Price: $3,995.00
The Kimberly Stove EPA Certified Small Wood Stove with optional Generator
The Kimberly Stove EPA Certified Small Wood Stove with optional Generator
Your Price: $3,750.00

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